At Etaoin & Shrdlu we believe great books are

The publishing world is in free-fall. The few books to escape the digital world are cheaply spewed from the presses on thin paper and poorly bound if bound at all.

Books today are throw away affairs at best, disposable, degraded and humiliated. At Etaoin & Shrdlu, we will not let that stand.

It is our mission to return books to our shelves and to reclaim their shelf-lives. Books to us, are as much works of art as the stories within them and we will have their honour restored.

The moment you will free a Etaoin & Shrdlu book from its slipcase, you’ll experience an imperceptible sigh. You will be transported back to a world when reading a book was the greatest escape. You may not notice the craftsmanship at first, but as each word blazes at you from every perfectly printed page, you’ll fall ever so slowly in love and under our spell.

Etaoin & Shrdlu books hail from an age when reading was a national pastime. We will be with you on summer afternoons, rainy nights by the fireside. We’ll be the envy of long hail flights and the quintessential companion for train journeys and weekends away.

Our books are made for the hands that will cradle them. No more will readers have to strain and struggle with books too small to hold. Read, pause and reflect while your ribbon marker keeps your place. Read books as they were intended to be read, with the best translations, the clearest text and a puritanical eye for format.

Read them, gift them, collect them, treasure them, bequeath them. Think of the books given to you over the years and rejoice now that you can once again honour that same tradition.

Etaoin & Shrdlu, the antidote to the average, your medicine for the information age.